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Checken with Noodles

Created By: Kim Hodges
Difficutly: easy
Time: 15 Min
Portion: 4 servings

chicken breasts

2 eggs


Italian bread crumbs

Prego Roasted Garlic & Herb sauce

slice swiss cheese

1 small can tomato paste (Italian Herb)

1 pkt McCormick Speggetti mix Thick & Zesty

Wide egg noodles

Parm cheese



Mix Prego spagetti sauce along with tomato paste and McCormic thick and zesty spagetti mix until bubbly. 

Cook egg noodles according to package

            while egg noodles are cooking do the following;

Mix parm cheese and italian bread crumbs.

Mix 2 eggs and milk together

Place chicken in egg mixture soaking both sides and then place chicken in parm cheese and italian bread crumb mixture.

Heat skillet with oil (enough oil to fill bottom of pan)

Place chicken in skillet and fry until golden brown.

Turn oven on to warm and place a slice of swiss cheese on top of chicken to melt. 

Put chicken breast on top of noodles and eat up!


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