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Pepper Steak

Difficutly: easy
Time: 30 Min
Portion: 4 servings
1 pound Beef Tip Round Steak1 Tablespoon cornstarch1/2 teaspoon sugar¼ teaspoon ginger¼ cup light soy sauce3 medium green peppers2 small tomatoes2 Tablespoons cooking oil1 clove garlic, minced¼ cup water
Partially freeze steak to firm and slice diagonally across the grain into very thin strips. Combine cornstarch, sugar, and ginger and stir in soy sauce. Pour mixture over meat and stir. Cut green peppers into 1-inch squares and cut tomatoes into wedges. Quickly brown beef strips (1/3 at a time) in hot oil and remove from pan. Reduce heat; add green pepper, garlic and water to pan and cook until green pepper is tender-crisp, 5 to 6 minutes. Stir in meat and tomatoes and heat through.

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