Baggins Bacon Breakfast Burritos

Created By: Firashae Aetherswift
Difficutly: easy
Time: 20 Min
Portion: 2 servings
Cost: uncalculated

  • Six Eggs
  • Four strips of Turkey Bacon
  • Four Wheat Tortillas 
  • Cheddar or mixed cheese
  • Garlic Salt to taste
  • Olive Oil


Heat skillet to medium. Cook Turkey Bacon until done. Leave residue in skillet and add a little olive oil. Add eggs and cook, stirring in garlic salt and a little cheddar cheese if desired. Remove eggs and rinse it out quickly, return to heat. Lower heat. Cook tortillas one at a time by placing them in the bottom of the skillet and flipping every thirty seconds or so until it begins to fill with air. Be careful for steam!

 Place a slice of bacon in the center of tortilla. Set a line of eggs on top of the slice, then sprinkle cheese over the eggs. Wrap the edges of the tortilla over the center, then flip it over so the fold is facing down. This will melt the cheese and hold the burrito together. Serve within two minutes of creation.

Serves Two.

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